TransitionSing Method

Ok so what’s the deal? What makes TransitionSing so darn special? What’s the difference between it and all the other singing techniques we hear and see everywhere else? …prepare to be shocked!

Traditional Singing Methods Vs TransitionSing Method:

Old School Thinkin:

Traditional singing methods are most often based off of the same principles. “Load up on air in your diaphragm and push!” Man that just makes me cringe thinking about it and truthfully it will do the same to you once you read on. Knowledge is power baby! …and with great power, comes great responsibility … ok ok sorry, focus Audrey.

Anyways back to the whole pushing from the diaphragm trajedy. All the traditional methods that teach this were right…back in the 20th century! Yes, a big deep breath of air is great when you’re singing through a huge thirty two beat long section on one breath, but let’s be realistic. No one is holding a note for that long any more. All that air does is cause pressure and tension on your vocal chords and inevitably cause damage. Damage = bad. TransitionSing Method works off of the amount of air you naturally take in. Just like as if you were reading this out loud, your body would know exactly how much air to take in for each sentence. Your body knows what’s up! The TransitionSing Method teaches you how to tap into that natural ability and take in the exact amount of air you need.

No Current Science:

trans female voice lessonsNow we can’t go pointing fingers too harshly. Hey, it’s not their fault they didn’t have Bill Nye the science guy. Regardless, traditional singing methods are based off of super outdated science. Did you know that the terms “head voice” and “chest voice” were labeled as such because they actually believed that it was where the sound was coming from?! Like as if you have a voice in your head and one in your chest! Seriously! Luckily we now have the TransitionSing Method which is backed by current science. You know the kind where they stick cameras down your throat and look at your vocal chords in real time action. Plus, the TransitionSing Method even goes into the psychology behind your voice and how you have more control than you think! Mind over matter baby!


Two Teachers = Two Palms To Grease:

transgender voice lessonsAsk any speech pathologist if they think their students should take singing lessons on top of their speech lessons and you will find that 99% of them will say “yes.” Seriously, I double dog dare you. It is a known fact that singing lessons will help improve your progress with speaking. So why don’t they just combine them together?! …because they’re not cool like me duh!

I came across this discovery while I was studying speech pathology and was thrown back. Get this: Did you know that when you learn music it bypasses your olympic system and going directly to the part of your brain that controls your Emotions and Memory. Yes MEMORY! The TransitionSing Method simply combines singing and speech lessons into one fluid method and voila! It was a no brainer. …get it. no brainer. …..anyways that’s what the TransitionSing Method does. It’s makes for a more fluid, sing song style of talking that comes naturally and creates less tension with less effort. Oh and did I mention way faster results too!



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