Private Skype Voice Lesson

For a limited time you can get a private one-on-one voice lesson from Audrey McDonald! Due to a high volume of students, Audrey opens her schedule up only a couple times a year to take in new students. This will close again SOON!

Online Voice Lessons: 

  • One on one coaching with Audrey McDonald
  • Pint point your EXACT problems areas with your voice
  • Get vocal warmups and techniques tailored specifically to YOU
  • Break down your song of choice into quick fix solutions to sound amazing!
  • Create a step by step action plan, with homework, to reach your vocal goals
  • Broaden your vocal range
  • Build your confidence
  • Tools & Support from your personal vocal coach

Online Voice Lessons Include:

  • Digital Copy Of Sheet Music
  • MP3 Song Download
  • Instrumental/Karaoke Track Download
  • Full Audition Preparation
  • Vocal Assessment Chart
  • Video Recording Of Your Lessons

Pricing: $35-$50/hr ( Discounts given to Monthly Members)

Common problems we solve: Expanding vocal range, learning how to belt, fixing the break in your voice, strengthening and longer lasting voice, breathe control, holding a tune, performance confidence, fighting stage fright/public speaking, microphone control and crowd control, voice cracking, and much much more!